Deb Frisch Containment Project

This website is an attempt to collect online resources for people who might encounter Dr. Deborah Ellen Frisch on the Internet, or in real life.

No attempt is made on this site to offer an opinion, good or bad, about Dr. Frisch, or her activities. Instead, what is presented are links to sites that may (or may not) be biased, and some opinions about the general content and value of those sites.


December 19th, 2019 - Deborah Ellen Frisch was taken into custody this afternoon, by the San Diego Police Department, at her apartment. She is currently housed in the San Diego County Jail, and will be returned to Weld County, Colorado for sentencing on her violations of the terms of her felony parole. She faces 6 to 24 years in prison for those violations, and may face additional felony charges for her actions while she was out on parole.

There will be no delay for extradition, as she signed an extradition waiver as a condition of her parole. Nor will there be a trial prior to her sentencing, as she's already been convicted of the crimes for which she faces sentencing. With any luck at all, the justice system will review her recidivism, and decide she needs to be incarcerated for a good, long, time.


Dr. Frisch is now a convicted felon, out on parole.

Her parole is through 2030AD (the next eleven years!).

Violation of her parole terms will result in her return, without trial, to the Colorado State Penitentiary system, to serve the remainder of her sentence.

As part of the terms of her parole, she is not to harass people using the Internet, via postings on websites, via email, or by any other means.

Should Dr. Frisch harrass you in such a manner, please report the infraction to Cindy Peterson, Interstate Transfer of Supervision, Weld County, Colorado. Ms. Peterson can be contacted at (970)475-2827 by telephone, or via email at

Alternately, as Dr. Frisch herself pointed out, you can file a complaint at Colorado Department of Corrections - Concerns, Complaints, Questions . For your convenience, Dr. Deborah Ellen Frisch's Colorado DOC offender number is 278185.

Heck, it's free, do both!

Dr. Frisch probably won't be arrested for one violation report, or, perhaps, even for a dozen, but if everyone she harasses reports her, sooner or later, she will have her parole revoked...and, perhaps, she'll get the mental health treatment she needs.

It is up to you, Dear Reader, to form your own conclusions about Dr. Frisch.

NB: Your patience is appreciated as we are (always) under construction...

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